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Conversations on Changing the World


(Women’s Issues, Activism)

Heartland Woman is a podcast featuring interviews related to significant women’s issues.  Our topics are as varied as life itself.  We cover everything from jobs, poverty, racism, violence and homelessness to art, health, immigration, sex and raising children.  Forget simplistic soundbites, conspiracy theories and made-up “alternative facts.” Our host, sociologist Martha Kovach, PhD, talks with women who work on the forefront of these issues.  Our lively conversations focus on the complexities of current practices, laws and policies as they affect women’s lives. Too often, the stories of women’s experiences have remained untold, silenced by the forces of social inequality.  Heartland Woman explores both the challenges women face and the ways that women work within their families, communities and the nation to overcome these issues. Grab a cup of tea (or wine), pull up a chair, and join us for conversations about women transforming the world!

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